Email domains

Allow users in your organization to directly join your space with a suitable role.

What are they used for?

Email domains allow your future collaborators the possibility to be directly assigned to a workspace with the chosen role without any action on your part.

How to use them?

You will find the email domains configuration in the general settings of your organization, under the security section.

Activate or deactivate the feature by clicking on the button 'Allow users...'

Then choose the role and workspace that will be assigned to future users:

Finally, save the configuration by clicking on the Save button!


You are only allowed to add email domains that have been previously authorized (i.e., for which a user in your organization has validated an email address). Personal-type domains (gmail, hotmail, etc.) or those identified as 'disposable' are prohibited!

Impact for Future Users

The next time a collaborator signs up on Dastra, they will still need to enter their email address and validate it. However, they will now be offered to join your organization!

They will then be able to join you and start working with you!

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