Configure your Privacy-hub

Enable / Disable hub

You can activate/deactivate a Privacy-hub using the selector at the top right of the page. A newly created Privacy-hub is deactivated by default and will not be accessible until activated. You can still work on customizing the hub.

Configure your Privacy-hub

This configuration page has the same layout as the final page that you can share with your collaborators, allowing you to directly visualize the final rendering of your Privacy-hub during the configuration phase. Here are the detailed configuration options for your Privacy-hub.

Background Image

You can add a background image to your Privacy-hub by clicking directly on the background (a dashed border appears around the clickable background on hover to indicate that this field is editable). If you do not set a background image, the background of your Privacy-hub page will remain white.

Organizational Unit

A Privacy-hub allows you to create an online space where you can share questionnaires. All users with the link to your Privacy-hub can respond to the provided questionnaires and generate responses within your Dastra space. It is necessary to select the organizational unit to which these questionnaire responses will be associated.

You can add the logo of your choice to your Privacy-hub by clicking on the default logo image.

Name of the privacy-hub

You can modify the name of the Privacy-hub at any time by clicking on the hub's name.


You can add a description to your Privacy-hub by clicking on "Add a description." This field is an HTML-rich text field, allowing you to format it and even add videos and images. It will be visible on the public hub page and can, for example, be used to explain to your collaborators the nature of the questionnaires present in the Privacy-hub.


In this section, you can select the questionnaires to share in your Privacy-hub by clicking on "Add questionnaires."

Once the button is clicked, a window for selecting questionnaires will appear. Choose one or more questionnaires to add to your Privacy-hub, then click "Add" to confirm your selection. The visible questionnaires correspond to the questionnaire templates in this workspace. You can revisit your selection or add more questionnaires to your Privacy-hub at any time.

After making your selection, you can rearrange the display order of the questionnaires by drag-and-drop (the order of questionnaires on your Privacy-hub will be the same as defined on your configuration page).

Important note: In order to function within a Privacy-hub, the link-sharing option for a questionnaire must be activated. If you wish to add a questionnaire for which the link-sharing option has not been activated, we will automatically enable this option at the time of adding the questionnaire. The link-sharing option for a questionnaire cannot be disabled as long as the questionnaire is present in a Privacy-hub.

Advanced Settings

You can access the advanced settings by clicking on the Advanced Settings button at the top right of the screen. This menu provides access to IP filtering settings, allowing you to define one or more IP filtering rules if you wish to restrict access to your Privacy-hub to specific IP ranges. By default, and without the addition of IP filtering on your part, your Privacy-hub will be accessible to all individuals with the access link (provided the hub is activated).

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