Collecting data processing projects from a Privacy-hub.

We have developed a new type of questionnaire template specifically designed to work with Privacy-hubs: the Data Processing Project Creation templates. These templates operate similarly to our other templates, with the key difference that once answered, the provided response can be transformed into a data processing project draft.

Adding a "Data Processing Project Creation" template

To begin using these templates, go to your Questionnaires module in the Dastra application and click on "Create template." Choose the "Automated Questionnaire" option, then select the Dastra template library as the source. Look for the "Data Processing Project Creation" template and select it by clicking on it. The template is added to your workspace, and you are redirected to the management page for this questionnaire.

Template Content

This template includes a list of questions aimed at covering all the fields we use in data processing in Dastra.

Transforming a Response into Data Processing

Once a response to this questionnaire is collected, an option on the response review page will be presented to transform the response into a data processing project. Each response to each question will be linked to the corresponding field in the data processing project.

Modifying the Template

Since each question is linked to a field in the future data processing project, modifications to the template could result in malfunctions when transforming the response into a processing project. Therefore, we recommend using the template as we provide it in the library to ensure its proper functioning.

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