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Creating and tracking a data protection task has never been easier with Dastra's scheduling module. In Dastra, a task is a job that needs to be done.

To create a task, two possibilities:

  • Either you create a task directly in the action plan

  • Either you create a task directly in another module of the application (processing register, data breach notifications, cookies ...)

Create a task in the action plan

In the main page of the "planning" module, click on "new task". A new "New task" window appears on the right of the screen allowing you to describe the desired task. Once described, click on save.

Each task in Dastra can be assigned to an item in the application, for example :

  • A process

  • An application

  • An actor / subcontractor

  • A set of data

  • A security measure

  • An audit / PIA

  • An exercise of rights

  • An incident

Once these tasks have been created and associated, you will be able to find them directly in the file for each of these elements under the "Tasks" tab.

Create a task directly from another Dastra module

Dastra allows you to create a task when you think about it, directly within the operational processes:

  • Editing a data processing

  • Management of a request for exercise of rights

  • Data breach notification

  • Generating tasks from an audit

An action plan can also be generated automatically following the completion of an audit. For more information, see the section "Planning an audit".

Creating subtasks

It is possible to create a list of subtasks to each task in Dastra. To do this, edit a task and click on the "add subtask" button.

Assigning a task

When creating the task, you will have the option to assign the task to a Dastra user, either as an "owner" or as a "contributor". These people will be notified by email when a task is modified.

Editing a task

To edit a task, simply click on the three dots to the right of a task, and select "Edit".

To change the status of a task even more easily, you can "click and drop" it from the "table" tab, which allows tasks to be divided into 4 status columns: "new", "additional information required", "in progress", "done". You can also customise the status columns.

Archive or delete a task

In Dastra, it is possible to archive or delete a task from the task drop-down menu accessible by clicking on the three dots on the right.

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