Monitor, screen or export your tasks

Learn how to export your tasks

In Dastra, all tasks in the action plan can be tracked from the "Statistics" tab in the planning module and exported.

This makes it possible to monitor your processes and produce statistics with the help of KPIs in an agile mode, to ultimately demonstrate your company's accountability with regard to the GDPR.

Task monitoring

Table tab

The columns tab displays a list of all tasks.

The view can be customised using the dedicated configuration interface ("filters" and "columns" buttons).

Column tab

The column tab provides access to a task overview, which allows you to view all tasks by status in a graphical way.

Progress chart

The progress graph summarises all the information concerning the progress made and the progress of the tasks over a given period of time.

This graph represents the evolution of the quantity of work remaining for a given period (corresponding to an iteration).

Cumulative flow chart

This graph shows the distribution of tasks over time in the different life stages of a task.

Velocity chart

The velocity diagram shows the evolution of the number of closed tasks per iteration.

Filtering tasks

It is possible to filter tasks by priority, tags, departments, types, users or iterations directly from the filters available in each tab.

Exporting tasks

To export the tasks, go to the "column" or "table" tab of the "planning" module, then click on the arrow on the right of the screen, then on the "Export data" button.

A window appears with a choice of possible formats for export. Click on the format of your choice and then on the "Download file" button.

That's it, your tasks are exported!

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