Data subject right request

Learn how to respond to requests to exercise rights.
With the GDPR, European citizens are able to ask a company or organization processing personal data about them to exercise their rights.
To do this, the company or organization must set up a register of requests to exercise rights as well as a dedicated process.

The register of requests to exercise rights

Dastra allows you to constitute a register of requests for the exercise of rights centralizing all past, present and future requests. This is available by clicking on the "exercise of rights" tab in the banner on the left of the screen.
Rights exercise request register

Complete a new request to exercise rights

Renseigner une nouvelle demande d'exercice de droits

There are 3 ways to fill in a new request to exercise rights in DASTRA:
  1. 1.
    Inform directly by hand any new request to exercise rights
  2. 2.
    Import requests by excel, csv or text file
  3. 3.
    Set up a rights exercise widget

Manual creation of a request to exercise rights

By clicking on the "New exercise request" button, a window appears where you can detail the request for exercise of rights. Click on "Save and exit". That's it, you have created your first request to exercise rights manually!
Details of the request for exercise of rights

Import / export of the rights exercise request register

The entire request register is importable and exportable. To import a request, click on the three vertical points on the right of the screen.
A window appears with an "import" button. Click on it, download the registry template and follow the instructions to import the requests into Dastra. Once imported, the request will be directly available in the request register.
Import window for rights exercise request register

Implementation of rights request widget

Requests to exercise rights can also come from a specific widget that can be configured from the Dastra platform.