TCF 1.1/2.0

For the moment, this functionality is still in an experimental phase. Any implementation of TCF will not be effective

The consent management platform (CMP) framework is currently supported by the Dastra widget. To enable the IAB vendor opt-in, you just need to go to the "services" part of the widget configuration and enable the corresponding checkbox.

Once the box is checked, you can see the changes in the widget interface:

Automatically, when the IAB opt-in, the cookie containing the encoded information about the user's consent to the IAB vendors is automatically created in the browser:

This cookie has a default lifetime of 180 days and is named "eupubconsent"

When the user applies consent, it is possible to capture the consent string directly using the following event listener:

    console.log(consentString); // BOybBVKOybbNhABABBENCoAAAAAq6AAA

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