Cookies scanning

Learn how to scan cookies placed on your website.
DASTRA allows you to scan the cookies placed on your website thanks to its cookie scanning functionality, directly integrated into its "Cookie consent widget" module.

Access the "scan cookies" function Dastra

You must first log into your Dastra workspace. To learn how to do this, go to the following page:
Then, you must go to the "Consent to cookies" module, and click on the "New widget" button.
Click on this icon to access the "Consent to cookies" module
Click on the 'New widget' button

Scan the cookies placed on your website

Once in the "Scan cookies" section, simply enter the domain name of your website in the space reserved, and click on "Submit".
Section "Scan des cookies"
Your domain name must include the entire prefix "https: // www." to be taken into account by our engine. Websites without SSL are not eligible to the scan feature.
Wait a few seconds, and that's it, the cookies placed on your website are identified!
Scanning is in progress
Once the cookies placed on your website are scanned, you can proceed to their classification.