In case of unavailability

What happens if Dastra is unavailable?

In this case, the CDN will not work. The widget will not be displayed and the consent management script will not load. The browser will return a 404 error that is invisible to the user.

However, the unavailability will not have any implications for the user other than not being able to manage their choices regarding cookies. As a result, the consent storage will not be read and no consent will be allowed on the user's browser. Indeed, the consent actions are triggered by the widget on the browser.

In addition, consents already stored in the Dastra application will not be lost but restored when the service is reinstated.

Thus, for the Internet user, if the widget is unavailable, no cookies requiring consent managed by the widget will be deposited and no choice can be made.

Under these conditions, there is no need for a particular downgraded mode as only cookies and tracers that don't require consent (by a positive action on the widget) will be read and deposited.

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