Collect proof of cookie consent

Learn how to collect proof of consent cookies with Dastra.

Once the DASTRA cookie consent widget is implemented on your website, the DASTRA Cookie Consent module also allows you to collect and export proof of cookie consent.


To do this, you must have implemented a DASTRA cookie consent widget on your website.

pageImplement a cookie consent widget

Once the widget is implemented, DASTRA automatically collects proof of consent from visitors to your website.

To consult them, simply go to the "Consent" interface of the DASTRA cookie consent module.

From this interface, you can also customize the proofs of consent collected, export data, filter by date or cookie widget, among others.

Congratulations, you are now collecting proof of consent cookies!

The lifespan of the proof of consent is one year.

To make your site dynamic and truly take into account the consent of the user, go to the next section "go further on cookie consent":

pageGo further on cookie consent

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