Classify cookies by consent categories

Learn how to classify cookies by consent categories.

With DASTRA, you can classify via a simple "drag and drop" the cookies deposited on your website, by broad category of purpose:

  • "Strictly necessary" cookies: these are cookies that are exempt from consent by their nature (for example, session or consent cookies)

  • "Preferences" type cookies

  • "Audience analysis" type cookies

  • "Marketing and user experience" cookies

  • Other cookies.

pageThe purposes of cookies

To do this, simply select the cookie to be classified from the Classification interface, then move it by simply "clicking and dropping" it to the category of your choice.

You can define whether or not consent is required for each cookie on a case-by-case basis.

Once you have categorized all your cookies, you can implement the corresponding consent widget.

pageImplement a cookie consent widget

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