Tag management

Tags allow you to classify information in Dastra in a simple and intuitive way

What are tags for?

Tags are used to classify information according to your own methodology. They allow you to identify treatments or other elements in Dastra in order to make them stand out.

Thus, you can put a "priority" or "To be checked" or "sensitive treatment" tag to allow you to easily find the treatments or other elements concerned. The list of tags is not limited. You can put several tags on a treatment for example. By clicking on a tag, you will automatically filter the treatments that have this tag.

How to create tags?

In the tag entry form, start typing the name of any tag, there are two possibilities, either the tag already exists, in which case you can select it. If it doesn't exist, you can press the enter key on your keyboard, which will create the new tag automatically to add it to the selection list.

How to manage all the tags in the application?

Click on the Tag menu in "Process"

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