Use a treatment model

Dastra allows you to create your treatment activity record from templates designed by our experts. Treatment templates save time in entering common treatments.

Create a treatment from a template

Go to "New data processing"
and select "Built-in template".
Then, you can search for treatment models from the search bar.
The tags will allow you to filter the templates by industry.
The language allows you to view the treatment templates in other languages.
To view the content of the template before importing it, you can click on the eye at the top right of the template.

Suggest a treatment template

If you don't find a model, you can suggest it to us.

Create mass processing templates

You can select multiple processing templates and import them at once through the library.
Go to the options of the "New data processing" button and then "Create from library...".
Select one or more templates, choose an organizational unit and click on "Add".
The "Details" button allows you to preview the template.
Then your templates will be imported in the background.