Establish your record

Learn how to design and manage your treatment record using Dastra.

To set up your record in Dastra, there are two possibilities:

  • Either you already have a record, in which case you can import it into Dastra

  • Or you don't have one, and you must create it from scratch and use the proposed treatment models as a guide

Upload your existing record

With Dastra, you can easily upload your existing treatment record instead of having to manually enter it, regardless of the current format - excel, text or csv.

pageExport / import the record

Don't forget to publish your data processing activities if you want them to be reflected in the dashboard.

Create a new treatment record from scratch

With Dastra, a record is automatically created as soon as the workspace is defined. If you don't want to download an existing record, you can start filling in the default one immediately when creating your first processing activity. If you want to know how, click on the following link:

pageDeclare a processing activity

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