Declare a processing activity

Learn how to report a data processing activity.

What is data processing?

A processing activity is an operation or set of operations performed on personal data, such as payroll. All processing activities taken together constitute the processing record.

Create a processing activity

To create a processing activity, first click on "Create a data processing" in the Registry section.

Choose the type of treatment.

Fill in the description of the treatment activity and you will be taken to the questionnaire section where you can add all the required information.

Create a processing operation as a data processor

To create a treatment as a processor, it's very simple. When creating a processing operation, you must check the box:

You will then automatically arrive at the documentation phase of a processing operation as a data processor and you will be able to declare your data controllers (usually your customers).

Modify a data processing

To modify an existing treatment activity, click on the "Edit" button linked to the treatment or click directly on the treatment name:

Then follow each step of the questionnaire, starting with the next section:

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