Scheduling an audit or a PIA

Learn how to schedule an audit with Dastra.

Campaign planning

Once the audit template has been created and customised, launch a campaign by clicking on the "Schedule an audit" button. Enter the name of the campaign and the respondents, invite both internal and external respondents and then wait for the responses. They will receive an email with a link to an online space where they can fill in their answers.

It is possible to re-invite those who did not respond to the audit.

Linking the audit to other objects in Dastra

It is possible to attach the audit to another specific module. To do this, when configuring your audit model, after giving it a name and a description, attach an element to it which will be the object of the audit.

If your audit has already been created, it is still possible to attach an element to it afterwards. Go to the audit, click on the "Modify model" button, then on the "Configure" button located below the "Save" button. This will take you back to the initial model configuration tab.

These objects can be actors, assets, applications, data processing, data breaches, rights exercises, data sets, security measures, risk assessments.

Then, when you plan your audit, a new box "Object related to the breach" will appear. The selector will allow you to choose more precisely to which object you will link the audit.

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