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Can I use the teams as an actor?

No, these are two different databases. Teams are groups of users and can be linked to organizational units.

Actors are part of a data mapping repository. This is a purely declarative directory that can be linked to other Dastra objects.

Can I use organizational units as actors?

No, it is not possible to use them as actors, for the same reasons as teams. However, it is possible to use organizational units as recipients. This avoids the need to recreate actors on behalf of organizational units.

Can organizational units be exported?

Yes, it is currently possible to export them in spreadsheet format.

Can I import organizational units?

Yes, you can import them by going to the menu under the create an organizational unit button.

How can I change the organization's logo in Dastra?

It's not possible to modify the organization's logo, as there isn't one. The logo displayed above the organization's name in the top right-hand corner is the image associated with the user account, which is set in the user profile parameters.

In addition to this image, the workspace logo can also be modified in the workspace settings.

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