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Dastra is a data privacy solution with which data protection teams can drive and manage all GDPR use cases, from managing the registration of processing activities to implementing a cookie widget on their websites.

We aim to help data protection teams raise awareness across their business and improve the GDPR experience with a streamlined solution providing a single response to organizations' different GDPR needs, through:

  • A fast, intuitive and ergonomic interface

  • A fruitful collaboration between the various players involved in GDPR

  • Time savings in day-to-day compliance management

  • New compliance and management services and functionalities

  • A guided pedagogical approach to empower non-experts step by step

At Dastra, we believe that data protection is not just a legal matter, it's also a matter of code, expertise, project management and operations.

For more information, see our manifesto.

With Dastra you can:

  • Map your personal data by creating and maintaining your record of processing activities (ROPA) thanks to a flexible and intuitive interface, repositories, libraries and a questionnaire, and build, share and export your ROPA.

  • Identify your risks, and carry out audits to assess priorities.

  • Generate an action plan, allocate tasks and collaborate with your network, to better protect your data.

  • Implement internal processes such as setting up rights exercise management, managing cookie consents or keeping a register of data breaches.

  • Centralize documentation to meet GDPR compliance.

How do I get to know Dastra?

Start discovering Dastra right now, first with features and setup, then the tutorial:

Dastra can be tested free of charge and without credit card during 1 month by registering on link: https://app.dastra.eu/signup

Don't hesitate to sign up, it's immediate and without obligation!

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