Create and set up organizational units

Learn how to create and set up entities and departments in Dastra.


Organizational units allow you to structure your workspace. Two types of organizational units can be created:

  • entities, which correspond to legal entities and represent a data controller,

  • departments, which are used to organize entities.

In Dastra, the notion of workspace is decoupled from that of legal entity. A workspace can therefore refer to several distinct legal entities (as in a group, for example). On the other hand, there can only be one legal representative per legal entity.

Each entity in Dastra is considered a data controller.

Access the "Organizational units" module in Dastra

Go to "Settings" on the left of the screen, then click on "Organizational units".

This takes you to the screen for creating and setting up organizational units:

Create or modify an entity

To create a legal entity, simply click on the "Create an entity (data controller)" button in the "Entities and departments" module.

Fill in the required fields: name and country are mandatory. You can fill in the name of the person in charge (the legal representative), as well as the data protection officer (if applicable) and the representative within the EU (if applicable).

Unlike departments, the number of entities (data processors) that can be entered into Dastra is limited by a quota that depends on your subscription. If you wish to increase this quota, please contact our sales department.

To modify an entity, click on the 3 dots to the right of the entity concerned, then on "Modify".

Make the desired changes and click "Save".

Create or modify a department

To create a department, simply click on the "Create a department" button in the "Organizational units" module and fill in the required fields.

To modify a department, simply click on the 3 dots to the right of the department you wish to modify, click on "Modify" and fill in the required fields, before clicking on "Save".

Import organizational units

You can import a list of organizational units via an import file. This file can be downloaded by clicking on the "Import" button in the organizational unit management interface.

Then click on "Download template file".

After filling in the file, drop it in the drop box and follow the instructions.

View and configure entities and departments from the organizational chart

In Dastra, you can also view entities and departments graphically, and set their parameters directly from the organization chart.

To do this, click on the "Organization chart" view in the "Entities and departments" module.

In this way, you can visualize your group's organizational chart graphically:

In the "Organization chart" view, you can perform most of the operations available in the "Entities / Departments" view.

Restrict access to an organizational unit's content

You can use the user team system to restrict access to content attached to an organizational unit.

To do this, you need to attach teams to organizational units.

The system is tree-based. This means that, for a team to access a child UO, it must access the parent UO.

Here is an explanatory video (in french):

For more information

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